All of our product ranges are manufactured as project specific items. Flexibility of these product ranges and our manufacturing methods allows us to provide industry leading response and lead times, whilst maintaining the quality of products to enable us to build long lasting partnerships within the markets we operate within.

Finned Tube Coils

 The core of our manufacturing business and an intrinsic part of our product range. We manufacture our own coils to suit your project requirements.

dry  coolers

Suitable for a number of Process Cooling Applications including cooling of Gas and Diesel Generators, Free Cooling for chillers and Data Centre Cooling.

adiabatic systems

Adiabatic Coolers provide a modern, energy and cost efficient alternative to cooling towers.  3T provides systems suitable for all mains water variants.

air cooled condenser

Our Air Cooled Condenser range has been developed to provide flexible solutions to a range of project requirements and for use with a number of different refrigerant types.

room coolers

 We have several ranges of Ceiling and Floor mounted coolers as well as Dual Discharge units. These are available for all refrigerant types.

Trans-critical CO2 Gas Coolers

We have been fully designing and manufacturing CO₂ units for over 10 years, developing a range of high quality units using the latest design standards.

Environmental Enclosures

Manufacturing various ranges of acoustic and environmental enclosures for refrigeration packs and pump sets, both as stand alone enclosures or as an addition to our Heat Exchanger Ranges.


Control panels


Control Panels are manufactured to meet project requirements. They are fully adaptable and are designed to meet the most up to date energy efficiency regulations.

bespoke design


Because we control the whole process, from procurement of raw materials through the design, manufacture of parts and final build of units we are able to fully customise our units to suit the exact needs of any particular project.