We work closely with our Control Panel Suppliers to provide high quality, adaptable control panels on all of our units.


EC Controllers for Fans

Electronically commutated (EC) motors are operated with specially matched EC controllers. The perfectly coordinated system enables highly precise speed control with the highest de- gree of energy e ciency, free of electromagne c motor noises. EC controllers are available in a variety of designs: as a simple speed controller for single-phase or three-phase AC powered motors, mounted in a housing or ready for control cabinet installa on. These controllers can be supplied suitable for a 0-10V or 4-20mA signal for the control of temperature and pres- sure.



    This system switches fans in and out of the system in relation to the temperature/ pressure of the fluid produced at the coil. This is done with fan motors linked to temperature sensors/pressure switches via contactors and overloads.

    Fan cycling control consists of:

    • Common terminal box for controls.
    • Each contactor/overload linked to individual motors.
    • Thermostats linked in stages to turn the motors on and o as the load requires 


    Substantial energy savings can be obtained us- ing an inverter to speed control the fans for maximum efficiency of the motors in order to reduce the cost of motor opera on in applications such as:

    • Air Cooled Condensers to maintain constant head pressure with a varying ambient or condenser load conditions.
    • Dry Air Liquid Coolers to maintain n constant water temperature with varying ambient temperature.
    • Units working in winter with low ambient temperature, units for day and night op- era on with variable loads and for units working in noise sensitive areas.


    Because we control the whole process, from procurement of raw materials through the design, manufacture of parts and final build of units we are able to fully customise our units to suit the exact needs of any particular project.

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