Thermal Transfer Technology Ltd. manufacture various ranges of acoustic and environmental enclosures for refrigeration packs and pump sets, both as stand alone enclosures or as an add on to our Air Cooled Condenser or Dry Air Liquid Cooler product ranges.



    • High quality powder coated finish to your requirements in standard colour Goosewing Grey BS 4800 00 A 05. (Other colours are available on request).
    • Engineered construction for all applications.
    • Insulated doors and walls of the enclosure for sound attenuation.
    • Designed to accommodate various quantities and sizes of compressors and pumps to your requirements.
    • Specially manufactured internal frames for your needs to the same standard as external housing finish.


    Because we control the whole process, from procurement of raw materials through the design, manufacture of parts and final build of units we are able to fully customise our units to suit the exact needs of any particular project.

    Contact us on +44 (0) 191 523 8002 or