Our Trans-critical CO₂ gas coolers have been designed to achieve the closest possible gas outlet temperature to ambient temperature utilising dual coil block technology.


All of our Trans-critical CO₂ gas coolers incorporate our “free-floating” coil design to protect the coil block from pulsation of gas flow, large temperature variations and any accidental mechanical impact.

The selection of gas cooler model will depend not only on the maximum ambient temperature and minimum noise level. Therefore a more detailed survey /specification, including the variation of maximum temperatures and noise levels through the day and night, will be necessary to select the best suitable and most economical unit for each individual site. Further optimisation can be achieved with the availability of a 24 hour duty profile.



    • Standard duty ranges from 12 kW to 1000 kW at 120ᵒC gas inlet temperature cooling down to 35ᵒC gas outlet in 32ᵒC ambient temperature.
    • At 3T we have been developing and manufacturing Trans-critical Gas Coolers since 2005.
    • Noise levels from 25 dB(A) @10m.
    • Can be delivered with or without attenuated pack housing.
    • Optional EC fans.
    • High efficiency high quality heat-exchanger.
    • Maximum allowable working pressure 120 bar(g).
    • Gas coolers comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC) for pressure vessels and are CE marked with the notified body number and certificate.


    Because we control the whole process, from procurement of raw materials through the design, manufacture of parts and final build of units we are able to fully customise our units to suit the exact needs of any particular project.

    Contact us on +44 (0) 191 523 8002 or sales@three-t.co.uk